1. What is a Conq anyway?

Me. I’m the Conq. Conq was my nickname in college

2. What is this site for?

I use this site to host continuing adventures of Bubblegum-Man and occasionally post a comic about God and the angels called In His Spare Time. The comics I draw/write fall under the Conq Comix label, while my blog is called the Optimist’s Umbrella.

3. Is your novel done yet?

No, but it’s closer than ever! The trick to writing is to think of it as a profession. So long as I only thought of it as an art, I was never going to be able to really look at my work with a critical eye and revise effectively. I’m hoping to be sending to agents by the end of the 2019 at the latest.

4. Why is the art for your comic so terrible?

I am not a professional artist. I don’t have the money to hire one, and I can’t find anyone willing to enter a partnership where we split any earnings 50/50.

5. Why don’t you just use Photoshop?

I haven’t bought Photoshop for the same reason I haven’t bought any Warhammer figures. And I won’t steal it.

6. How do you change a tire?

It’s actually pretty easy. First, look in the trunk of your car. Most cars come pre-equipped with the following items: a jack, a lug wrench, and a spare tire. If you’re not sure if your car has one, just take a look in the trunk. Look for something that looks like a latch at the bottom of your trunk. Open that latch. The stuff you need should be inside.

Before going to the second step, check to see if your car is on an incline. If it is, you may need to wedge the back tires with something to prevent the car from rolling. Got it? Great. Now, use the jack to prop up the side of the car where the flat is. (I’ll mention here that if you have two or more flats, I recommend calling for help instead).

Now, remove the hub cap, if you have one. Then using the lug wrench, remove each of the lug nuts bonding your tire to the wheel. (IMPORTANT: You are NOT removing the wheels. Don’t try to do that. That’s a bad idea.) Now, just remove the busted tire and place it in the trunk. Be careful! Even busted car tires are quite heavy. Remember to lift with your legs.

Now, fit the spare tire onto the wheel of the car. Using the lug wrench, replace the lug nuts, bonding your spare tire to the wheel. (Some people like to be fancy and use their removed hubcaps to store the lug nuts so they don’t get lost. It’s not a bad idea.)

Replace the hubcap if you have one. Then, use the jack to lower the car back down. Put the jack and lug wrench away, climb into your car, and drive to your destination. Remember to get a new tire as soon as possible. Spare tires are not meant to be used more than a few dozen miles or so.