Real Talk

Gonna talk feminism for a second. Feel free to check out.

Was just thinking about something. In 3rd grade, my friend K wanted me to hold her medication bottle for her because she didn’t want a bulge showing in her jeans on class picture day.

That’s messed up, right? She was freaking 8. Who told her what societal expectations of women were? Who was holding her to them?

Anyway, she went through a LOT as we got older. I hope she’s doing alright now.

I dunno. I got nothin’.

That’s all folks. Read my comic. It’s funny, and there’s aliens and lasers and magic and stuff.


Bubblegum-Man 2.21

B-Man 2.21

I know this issue is a bit talky. Never fear. Issue 3 has much more action, as our brave heroes encounter Dr. Mollusk’s latest plan for mass carnage: The Bubblegum Clones!

But even if our heroes are victorious, what will happen when the Archons arrive on our world?

Until next time, kids. See you in the funny papers!

Bubblegum-Man 1.20

B-Man 1.20

And there you have it! Issue 1 wrapped up in time for Halloween. Thanks for playing along. Hope y’all enjoyed issue 1!

Issue 2 is on its way, so stay tuned!

Bubblegum-Man 1.19

B-Man 1.19


Contrary to what many New Yorkers/Chicagoans may believe, Atlanta has quite a few good pizza places. And by “quite a few” I mean Fellini’s and one other place whose name I can’t remember. They cook whole pizzas in five minutes! It’s amazing.

But if you’re anything like me — born in the South to Yankee transplants — and you’re not too picky, Domino’s or Papa John’s will do in a pinch. Most independent Italian restaurants have pretty good pizza, too. Up North, there are fewer pizza chains and more independent, family-owned pizzerias. I think that’s why the pizza up there is so good. Any time something gets mass-produced — pizza, burgers, superhero comic books — there is always a risk that the quality will go down.


Bubblegum-Man 1.17

B-Man 1.17


Getting toward the end of issue 1. Gonna try and have issue 2 come out before next summer, but we’ll see. Grad school’s keeping me pretty busy. I’ll try to get everything scanned in over the holidays, but it may take me a bit longer. In the meantime, feel free to leave any feedback, praise, criticisms, suggestions, or or declarations of undying love you may have in the comments below!