Bubblegum-Man 3.19 and 3.20

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B-Man 3.19

To be continued…in issue 4

Christmas Moon Laser!


Snowpocalypse III: The Snowening

Hiya, kids! Down here in Georgia, we’re experiencing Snowpocalypse III: The Third One. Eagle-eyed readers will recall the original Snowpocalypse back in 2011, which served as the precursor to Snowpocalypse II: Snowmageddon in 2014. Now the winter weather is back. It’s Snowpocalypse III: With a Vengeance!

All of us at Conq Comix/Optimist’s Umbrella are having a grand day out in the snow.

Here is Darth Vader, leading the troops to conquest:

[Image Description: Snowy hill in the foreground and mid-ground. Background is a snowy forest. Trees are bare of leaves, coated in snow. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader, wielding red lightsaber, leads two stormtroopers toward the viewer in the foreground. An Imperial battle-tank stands watch at the crest of the hill.]

“I will find Skywalker!”

Uh oh! Looks like somebody crashed on a forbidden tundra!

[Image Description: A snowy plain. LEGO Star Wars spaceship crashed in mid-ground, Yoda and R2D2 walking away from crash site to left bottom foreground.]

“Lost, are we. Find civilization, we must!”

Meanwhile, Mr. Freeze gets his revenge on Batman and Robin!

[Surrounded by snow, Batman and Robin have been thrown back by the force of Mr. Freeze's ice cannon. Mr. Freeze stands in the foreground, facing Batman and Robin, head away from the viewer.]

Here, Vader confronts Luke Skywalker at last!

[Image description: On a snowy hill with a snowy forest in the background, Darth Vader stands over Luke Skywalker's prone form. Vader has his red lightsaber lowered and extends his hand toward Luke. Luke's left arm is raised, as if beckoning his lightsaber to him from its resting place in the snow.]

“Join me. And together we will rule the North Pole as father and son!”

As Batgirl and Mr. Freeze argue over the power of his ice cannon…

[Image description: LEGO Batgirl and Mr. Freeze stand on the ridge of a snowy hill. Behind them is a road, another hill, and a forest, all covered in snow. Mr. Freeze is looking at his gun, concerned. Batgirl has her arms in the air, shouting at Mr. Freeze.]

MR. FREEZE: I think I used too much power in my ice cannon. BATGIRL: You think?!

…Superman enlists John Stewart and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps to help construct his Fortress of Solitude!

[Image Description: LEGO Superman and four LEGO Green Lantern minifigs stand in a snowy field. In the background, one Green Lantern with an alien head has his arms raised and his head turned toward another Green Lantern with a Chewbacca head. The alien's head is blue with red eyes, and the Chewbacca head is brown and furry. LEGO Superman stands between a LEGO Green Lantern with a brown-skinned head, representing John Stewart, and a LEGO Green Lantern with a LEGO Bossk head from the LEGO Star Wars collection. John Stewart is holding a square with plans to the Fortress of Solitude on it, while his head faces Bossk-headed Green Lantern. Bossk-headed Green Lantern has his reptilian, alligator-like face turned toward John Stewart. Superman, seeming chipper as ever, stands with his red cape flowing out. His head is turned slightly to the right, away from the two Green Lanterns, and his left arm is raised, as if indicating direction.]

“And over there is where I’d like to put just an enormous statue of my birth-parents.”

Meanwhile, it appears Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker have resolved their differences.


A redeemed Skywalker and son make snow angels!

And Yoda and R2D2 have repaired their ship.


“Be back, we shall!”

Join us after the holidays, when we go to the beach!